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  • Blumes Fashions website

Blumes Fashions is a mobile fashion boutique with over 30 years in the fashion industry.

I worked together with Blumes Fashions’ director Danny Blum to reinvigorate the company branding – by incorporating their current logo with a new and updated style.

The Blumes website was redesigned to be accessible for women of all ages, and more engaging for the Blumes Fashions target market. The Blumes Summer and Winter Brochures have also been redesigned and are updated seasonally. Additional marketing material such as promotional flyers, presentation folders for posting and oversized business cards were also created in order to make Blumes even more competitive in the mobile fashion boutique market.


The old Blumes brochure booklet has been converted to a more compact folded brochure to save printing costs and unnecessary paper usage. I also designed the new pieces without bleeds, which eliminates printing offcuts that need to go through a de-inking process before being recycled.

Two previous DL brochures were also consolidated into one brochure with more information, which further reduced the cost of printing and the need for more printed material.