Change Optimised logo design


Agribug is a social enterprise that’s primary service is in rearing and selling live insects as a food and nutrition source for the reptile and small animal markets as well as the livestock industry. 

The business has sustainability at its core, using organic methods of rearing insects and promoting an organic diet for livestock. Agribug is also driven by socially responsible values, and will provide employment to disadvantaged people in remote areas.

The brief for the Agribug logo design was to create imagery that depicts a range of small animals that can eat Agribug products. The idea behind designing a logo that has imagery that is quite literal, rather than symbolic, was to provide easy insight into the various different markets that Agribug products are for. The logo therefore, was to be unambiguous to appeal to this range of different people from a variety of industries. I chose a soft, earthy colour scheme to reference the organic elements of the business.