Yell, Don't Whisper

Helping non-profits raise their voice!

‘Yell, Don’t Whisper’ is a design initiative that Sonja Meyer embarked on at the beginning of 2011. The program enables Sonja and other emerging and established Graphic Designers to work on a variety of projects for non-profits around the country who may not have the budget or allocated funds for a professional Graphic Designer to produce their communication collateral.

There are many non-profit groups and organisations that are doing incredible environmental and social work, but sometimes struggle to have their voice heard by the community or get their message across.

Sonja Meyer realised a need to use the power of communication design to engage the correct audiences and assist these groups in achieving their short and long term goals. By strengthening their brand and updating their marketing and promotional material, non-profits can effectively communicate their message and enhance their chance of success.

How To Apply:

Non-profit organisations are encouraged to contact Sonja Meyer to discuss a design brief and deliverables for a design project they have in the pipeline.

To begin, organisations are required to fill out this form: Graphic Design Brief for Non-Profits.

This will allow Sonja Meyer to assess the project need and organisation eligibility and she will then get in touch to let them know of the outcome of their application. Each of the projects chosen are then undertaken on a pro-bono basis by one of the volunteer Graphic Designers in the network – based on their skill-set, specialisation, availability and passion for the subject matter.

The program also seeks to educate Australian Graphic Designers on sustainable design and print production, and the importance of socially responsible design as we work towards a sustainable future. Many graduate designers are passionate about social change and can’t see themselves working in any other way for their career ahead. This initiative gives them a great platform to start from while they build their portfolio producing excellent work for causes that matter.

Have a look at some of the work produced as part of the initiative.

Please get in touch if you are a Graphic Designer and would like to get involved!