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I (Sonja Meyer) am an Australian graphic designer. My work includes the development of visual identities, as well as creative graphic design for print, web and other digital products. 

I prefer to work with businesses and organisations who share my values in design for sustainability. But if this is all new to you, don’t be afraid to get in touch anyway because maybe you will learn a thing or two!

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While technically based in Melbourne, Australia, I’m usually abroad on some sort of anthropological adventure. It’s not that I’m afraid of stability. I just prefer to work while on the move, where cultural context can inspire greater creativity and I can learn more about our global community.

But don’t be put off by my distance! I keep regular business hours and am always available to knock your socks off with unique and engaging design solutions.


It’s simple. My job is to help you embrace the incredible potential of creative, sustainable design to help your business or organisation excel in a digital, globalised world.


As mentioned, I prefer to work in different locations. That way I can keep my footprint light, and also appreciate the way things can be done differently – with less harm and more thought for different people, societies, cultures, economies and environments around the world. What better design research is there?

I believe in using the power of design to reconnect technology, humanity and our natural environment on a global scale. Holding a Graduate Diploma in Design (Design Anthropology), I’ve been ‘trained’ to think boldly and ask questions of what it means to be human in a complex world. How can a design project facilitate and draw upon this ‘humanity’, rather than take it away?


Eco/sustainable graphic design is a form of graphic design that is focussed on a more holistic philosophy of design. If you’re interested in exploring your business or organisation’s potential for sustainability in your design, when appropriate I will apply this type of thinking to your project.

Eco design emphasises creativity as the basis to inspire innovative solutions that are relevant within a world of commerce, but also embrace the basic tenets of sustainability, including:

  • Respect and care for the community
  • Improving quality of life for everyone, including the other 99%
  • Conservation of Earth’s vitality and diversity
  • Minimising practices that deplete non-renewable resources
  • Changing personal attitudes about the impact of certain products and services through design

Delivering the right message through socially responsible and eco graphic design will ensure that our society moves into a healthier future. For more information on the practices I use to achieve this, see my sustainability policy.


Because I care.

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